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Monday, October 29, 2012

Obama proves Orwell correct

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George Orwell expressed a fear in the book 1984 that leaders would gain so much influence   they could: "announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it."  Previously he wrote: "This prospect frightens me much more than bombs".

We seem to have reached that point. Obama claimed at the Democratic National Convention on Sept. 6th, 2012:  "I'll use the money we're no longer  spending on war to pay down our debt".

Yet the White House site contains his 2013 budget proposal with a table showing his planned national debt at the end of each year through 2022. It adds at least  $900 billion to the  debt every year, $9.6 trillion over a decade.

If a CEO   lied about his company's finances to get people to buy stock, the public would cry "fraud! send him to jail!". Should we trust someone to run our government that we wouldn't trust to run a company? This isn't a one time gaffe, he has repeated it from the State of the Union in January, through  dozens of speeches into October  and a campaign commercial.

In fiscal year 2012 the government borrowed $1276 billion. He  implies   lower   war spending will save so much money the government  won't need to keep borrowing. Yet his proposal only cuts $82.3 billion per year  by 2014 for war spending compared to 2012.  Simple arithmetic (almost as simple as adding "2 + 2" to get the right answer),  shows that is ridiculously far from saving enough money to pay down the debt. The president has been insulting the intelligence of the American public  trying to get away with this.  

It is shocking that only a few in the media even bothered to comment on this as: "the biggest lie of Campaign 2012". They ignored the ranking member of the Senate Committee on the Budget (a former  federal prosecutor) explaining: "For the President to say his plan will pay down the debt is one of the greatest financial misrepresentations ever made to the American people.".  It seems to be a case of the "Emperor's New Clothes".

Why should you care about the debt? It may seem too abstract for many people to worry about, but it isn't a minor issue. The debt is bad for the economy, the poor, retirees, and the future of this country's children. For details about this, or to see the issue described in  an amusing cartoon&video mashup of Obama's own words, see the new site:
  Politics Debunked (
Watch the site for news about more major political myths coming soon.
[Note: The budget table is a spreadsheet link, you can open it in your browser directly here or paste the link into the spreadsheet viewer directly here].

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