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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why medical prices rose as fast as disposable income per capita the last 50 years

A new site page details why medical prices rose as fast as disposable income per capita the last 50 years and why Obamacare isn't the answer (including some information not seen elsewhere re: MLRs)

"as a rule, regulation is acquired by the industry and is designed and operated primarily for its benefit"

Food is more critical to life than medical care.
You are guaranteed to die after not eating for a few weeks. Yet  most companies don't have "employer food plans" and there is no outcry for "single payer food". Concern over ensuring  the poor can eat  doesn't lead Americans to suggest the government grow   food and run grocery stores and restaurants. Those in poverty are helped to eat through either private charity, government monetary assistance, or   vouchers for food (aka food stamps). The same methods used to ensure the poor eat can be applied to healthcare. If the government is going to help it can provide vouchers for private insurance    rather than using the issue  as an excuse to benefit industry groups.
The former Soviet Union felt   competition was wasteful. They felt food was so important government had to produce it.  Obviously it turned out they were wrong and competition in a free market works far better. Healthcare policy in this country is more complicated than it needs to be since many don't apply that simple lesson.  That complexity hides favors for special interests that benefit at your expense. See the new site page for details on how government limits competition and drives up prices.

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